People come to Idaho for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they have family up here, friends, or maybe they found love and are moving to the Gem State to seal the deal.

Whatever the case, there are a lot of great reasons to come and visit Idaho.

It's not all sunshine and mountains

...or potatoes for all the "basics" out there. Idaho has a ton to offer, especially this time of year. There is so much to do outdoors and so many hidden gems to visit (or find) that it's no wonder people love to visit.

The thing is, just like with anything - not everything is great about Idaho despite us wanting to believe it's perfect the way it is.

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And this isn't coming from us.

Instead of looking at reviews of places, we simply asked you on social media, people who live in Idaho to share the places you avoid going to.

This could be for a variety of reasons but there were a lot of people who shared places they avoid for their safety. Some of the places mentioned are super specific while others are a little more... generic. That being said, don't come after the messenger!

What would you add to this list? What places do you avoid or tell your kids to avoid if they're in Idaho? Share those with us here.

Let's look at the places locals say they're avoiding...

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