We recently covered 20 boy names Idahoans must hate (because they're drastically going out of style), so of course, we needed to also share with you 20 girl names that are going out of style, too.

Having a baby is a special thing, but one of the biggest struggles couple's have is picking "the perfect" name for their baby — that can be a true challenge. Names fluctuate in popularity throughout time, so what might have been a great name a few years ago- might not still be a good name to choose today.

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A recent article from babycenter.com features baby names at risk of going extinct, and they said...

"For girls, Hayden was the name that fell the most, by a whopping 202 spots in the rankings. And in unfortunate news, the name Joy was also one of the hardest hit, falling 112 places. We sure hope this one rises back to the top, as we can all use a little more joy in our lives!"

In their findings, it appears girl names that start with the letter "K" are drastically going out of style. Names like Kira, Katherine, Kenzie, and Kate have been dropping in popularity like crazy.

So, when you're naming your baby this year, consider this list of names that are drastically falling out of favor before you commit to a name.

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