The holiday season has to be one of our favorite times of the year. Sure, Halloween is awesome and there's nothing quite like Independence Day... but Thanksgiving? Christmas?

They're all synonymous with family, good food, and LOTS of cooking.

Let's make the lives of our first responders a little bit easier this year...

For a lot of people, working on a holiday is an absolute drag and amidst our frustrations of being scheduled to work a "partial shift" on a holiday, we seem to forget about those who keep us safe...

Our first responders.

Imagine having to work a job where you put your life on the line for others on a day when most people get to be with their families. Our first responders are people and unfortunately, people take that for granted.

Police, fire, EMS, etc... all are people who could have families, loved ones, and even children having Thanksgiving waiting for their mom/dad to come home.

The least that we could do is make sure we make the right choices and do the right things to keep them from having to put their lives on the line. Obviously - one of those is to not drink and drive but other things can happen that could result in a dangerous situation for our first responders to rescue us from.

Let's look at the top tips from our first responders to keep not just our families safe, but the people behind the badge safe as well.

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