As we approach Christmas, is your break room at work turning into a place for more and more treats, too? I noticed the other day at work that our break room had boxes and boxes of donuts — all from different place. So, I started to wonder... which place is the best place for donuts in the Boise area?

What I found is that there's actually a Boise donut shop that is one of the best in Idaho and throughout the whole country.

I found a recent article from Food & Wine that features a list of the best donuts in every state. What donut shop was on the list representing Idaho?

Guru Donuts & Espresso
Guru Donuts & Espresso

Guru Donuts in Boise

They make fresh donuts every day, totally from scratch, and with local ingredients.

Here's what Food & Wine says about Guru Donuts...

“From the 100% vegan dough used for the yeast doughnuts to gluten-free rings enriched with the state's most famous crop (potatoes, you know this), Guru Donuts in Boise may be all about sustainability and inclusiveness, but it's also about a range of flavors, toppings, and fillings so colorful and inventive, you won't even notice what's missing.”

They go on to say, “Keep eyes peeled for the weekly biscuit doughnut special; known as the Winnie the Pooh, this flaky-delicious beast comes dipped in a honey butter glaze.” Yum. Well doesn't that just sound freakin' delicious? 😂

Not to mention they're totally killing it on Instagram.

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