Should Alberton's Stadium be beefing up its security? 

Biking along the Greenbelt is so much fun, and when I knew I had family coming to town, that would be a must-do. Biking the Greenbelt is a great experience for anyone coming to visit Boise. There are wineries, breweries, restaurants, live music, and the Boise Whitewater Park. 

Then there's the famous blue turf. Albertsons Stadium is an iconic place to stop, take a picture, and hope you can see the blue turf. It's not just people visiting that want to see the blue turf, but fans as well. 

On Saturday, after our lovely bike ride on the Greenbelt, we returned to the bike rental location, which consisted of us riding our bikes next to Boise State University and the stadium. It would be cool to show my aunt and uncle the field, even if it was just from afar. We were just some who wanted to take a look too. 

As we were headed towards the stadium on our bikes, a dad and his son rode next to us and informed us that the gate was open and that we could walk onto the field. So we did, but that had me thinking about how often it's unlocked and what if someone wasn't as respectful as we were. 

Should Albertson's Stadium add more security? 

No one was in sight, the gate was unlocked, and you could freely roam around on the turf. Someone could have easily gotten onto the football field and done something that would have made some people mad. 

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