It might not be like this anymore but back in the day, when a kid had a crush on another kid, they would throw rocks at them on the playground.

Just visualize it.

"Little Jimmy" takes a liking to "Little Becky Sue", so he pulls up to her at the monkey bars and starts chunking pebbles at her. And it's all to profess his love.

Now, this behavior is not necessarily something we fully understand but we're not psychologists, that's just how people (or kids) show their admiration.

Idaho is "Little Jimmy" and California is "Little Becky Sue"

This author believes that might be what's happening between Idaho and California, only this one seems like a timeless love. Why? Because it feels like there will always be people who have something bad to say about California and/or Californians.

Why is that? Is it because of a hidden admiration like our example with "Little Jimmy" who's throwing rocks at "Little Becky Sue"?

Surely, the feelings toward California transplants and California as a state can't be all bad, right?

We asked you, people on social media what are some things about California that you wish Idaho had. These answers prove that there are not only some things people in Idaho truly love above California but also, things that they wish they had in Idaho.

You don't have to agree with some of these responses but you have to admit that some of them would actually be nice. Here is what people are saying...

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