There's been a massive increase in the last 3 years in work-from-home jobs, and when you're working from home, you can live anywhere — even in Idaho.

Idaho is huge for outdoor activities and social events etc. So, when you're not working at home from your computer, you can easily clock out and go have fun because you live in an awesome place.

But what counties in Idaho have the most people working remotely? 👇

Ever think about the fact that maybe some of the people moving here from out of state don't actually have to report anywhere for work — they don't have to leave their homes for work!? There are more people than we might think in Idaho who work remotely and simply prefer being in Idaho over where they used to live.

There's a recent article from Stacker that shares more details about remote workers in Idaho. They said...

"A Pew Research Center survey conducted in October 2020 found that 71% of people who could do their jobs remotely were working remotely. Still, lower-income workers were less likely to be doing so, regardless of what their job duties were."

They go on to say, "Of course, the reason many workers are choosing to telework is different in 2023 than it was in March 2020. In the same 2022 Pew Research Center survey, respondents said working from home made it easier to balance their personal lives with work and meet deadlines."

Keep scrolling for a complete list of the Top 5 counties in Idaho where there are the most remote workers 👇

Top 5 Counties in Idaho Where the Most People Work from Home

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