Another Treasure Valley city has decided that the era of free parking is over. Whether it's a sign of progress or a move toward the apocalypse, the city of Caldwell is now charging for parking on city streets.

We understand that this may be a source of frustration for some. However, Caldwell says they're making the move because their downtown business community continues growing. This growth has led to increased demand for parking spaces, making it necessary to implement a parking fee system. Growth means more folks want to enjoy downtown restaurants, stores, and other entertainment options. 

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Despite the shared concerns of many throughout the Treasure Valley, Caldwell has joined the ranks of pay-to-park cities. The only other city in this category is the liberal city of Boise, Idaho's largest city. Currently, Boise is grappling with downtown road construction, a challenge that has also threatened the livelihood of its businesses.

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This shared struggle underscores the need for adaptive measures in both cities, highlighting the unique circumstances each city faces, but also the common ground they share in their efforts to balance growth and development. 

How much will it cost you to park in Caldwell? According to the city, it will cost you a dollar more affordable than Boise. Where will the new money from controversial meters go to? A slush fund? Not so fast, says the city of Caldwell. The revenue from these meters will be reinvested into the downtown area.

Caldwell continues to grow through their unrelenting marketing efforts. It's a shame that folks will now have to pay for parking. 

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