I still say it’s one of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time and apparently, the movement is still alive in Idaho. Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to break it to you – birds aren’t real. Okay, maybe they could be but when it comes to conspiracy theories, I love this one way too much to simply “not believe.”

According to the official site for the wild theory, birds are actually drones commissioned by the government to spy on people like you and me. As a matter of fact, the theory says that birds were forced into extinction by the government, which allocated $65 billion towards mass extinction. What’s even more mind-boggling to me is that this theory is alive and well in the state of Idaho.

There are a few social media accounts that promote the conspiracy theory and what's even crazier, at least to me, is that these accounts have followers. That’s right – there are actually Idahoans who believe this insane theory that birds aren’t real. If that’s true… are we really seeing drones in the skies of the Treasure Valley? What are they up to? I mean, look at the rage of these protestors! They want the truth!

Are these real believers? I mean, the guy in the back seems to be having quite the giggle… but on the other hand, they did make signs, which let’s be real – signs make everything legit. Take this billboard for example:

You’re telling me you’re not convinced yet? Shoot, we haven’t touched on the movement for Birds Aren’t Real that’s taking place in Rexburg. Although, I feel like these people have an understanding of how absolutely insane this theory sounds…

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So, are birds real in Idaho or are we being monitored by drones? Just for the sake of keeping the movement alive – I will go ahead and say that birds are “probably” not real. Let me know your thoughts on the movement here!

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