If you've ever thought about becoming a Boise firefighter or know someone who may be on the fence about becoming one, now is your opportunity to give it a shot.

Boise Fire Announces Bootcamp

In a press release yesterday (5/8), Boise Fire announced that they are looking to spark and inspire the next generation of Treasure Valley firefighters.

“We are grateful to be expanding Ignite to reach both men and women this year,” Boise Firefighter Kasey Hochmuht said in the press release.

“Last year it was great to watch participants not only pull hose, climb ladders, and force entry, but they also realized that this is a job they can do and have a meaningful career as a result.”

This is a great opportunity for potential candidates to get a taste of what it takes to become a Boise firefighter. But, what are the qualifications one needs to meet to become a Boise firefighter?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Boise Firefighter?

Do you have what it takes to become a firefighter in Boise? Let's take a look at the qualifications according to the site for the city of Boise.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

There are 3 FREE boot camps available for those interested:

  • June 10 & 11 – Adult Women’s Bootcamp (18+)
  • July 8 – Young Women’s Bootcamp (ages 14-17)
  • July 9 – Young Men’s Bootcamp (ages 14-17)

According to the site for the city of Boise, those who attend will learn how to climb ladders, CPR, extrication, and more.

People who attend the boot camps could one day be a part of these amazing stats that should remind all of us just how lucky we are to have our Boise firefighters.

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