I know. I get it. You were only running in for a second, picking up something from the front of the store, using the self-checkout, and returning in two or three minutes. The likelihood of someone wanting that EV-only spot at the Meridian Albertsons is slim to none in such a short period of time. Maybe you were downtown, and you decided that you were going to do takeout on your way home. Your order was ready for pickup, so you just pulled into that EV-only spot in the Main & Marketplace garage. It was open; again, it'll just be a few minutes.

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I understand. I like to bend the rules, too, especially when it comes to time. This is wrong, just like parking in the curbside to-go spots when you're not having food or groceries brought to your car. Before you start thinking I'm a Tesla person, you should know that my last EV vehicle was a Mattel Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler. It was brand new, and it was my first taste of freedom. I could go anywhere I wanted as long as I never left the sidewalk and stayed between the two street lights in front of my house. If I drove around too much, I didn't have enough power to make it up the driveway, and pushing it was no fun. Technology has improved since then, but that left a bad taste in my mouth for EV vehicles.

Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash
Photo by Alan Rodriguez on Unsplash

I understand you want to save time, but think about the poor people in that adult-sized Power Wheels car. If you take their spot in the lot, they may not be able to make it up their driveway tonight, and if pushing my plastic Jeep wasn't any fun, imagine pushing a full-sized Tesla.

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