I’ll be straight up with you – I live in south Boise and have only been in Idaho for roughly a year. While I’m not technically “new”, I’m still relatively fresh and still immersing myself in the community I want to learn so much about. You know, the important things – the history, the people, the way of life, and one of the most important things of all?

Which roads to hate.

No matter where you live, you have to know which roads absolutely suck. It can be a combination of anything or one simple reason but there are always going to be roads that are terrible. Roads that people get sick and tired of to the point of where they take to Facebook to start a movement… and that’s exactly what happened in the Facebook group, Boise Bench Dwellers.

Someone in the group shared their frustrations with Roosevelt Street:

“Roosevelt Street. The most unclosed, closed road in Boise. At this point, they should just take the signs down.”

The post was met with a flurry of comments and reactions with many echoing the same frustrations towards the street. Does that officially make this the most hated road in all of Boise?

Not quite.

"(Not) Everybody Hates Roosevelt"

While many were quick to chime in and share their frustrations (more on that shortly), a few were ready to defend their beloved Roosevelt Street which sits in the heart of the Boise Bench.

“Geez people, it was a major project and not taking any longer than the other projects south of this one,” wrote on Facebook user.

“When it's done all your bad vibes will be forgotten and you'll be thankful for the new street, especially that RR crossing that would tear the oil pan off your car if you weren't careful. On top of that you will now have a safe lane to bike all the way from Overland to Emerald on.”

Does this person have a point or are you on the side of the people who are frustrated with Roosevelt Street?

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