Another movie has just been released in which Boise becomes a major focal point. Lately, Boise has been used more like a comedic punch line than a place where Hollywood thinks real people live. Is it because of our reputation for conservative politics? Perhaps it's because they believe that potatoes are funny, or maybe even that they just feel like they can swing at a state with a small population and no one will fight back or notice.

Late last year, the Hulu Original movie Quiz Lady took this comedic approach to Boise, making fun of our city by showing a person from Boise who looks less than intelligent or attractive.

The most recent Hollywood project that Boise is mentioned in is Amazon Prime's Role Play. The action comedy stars The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco as an international assassin and mom. Her husband and children think she has a boring corporate finance gig.

YouTube/Prime Video
YouTube/Prime Video

Her cover comes unraveled when she is doing a job in Brussels after telling her family she is working in Boise. Several attempts to reach her in Boise failed, and when her flight from Boise didn't even have her on the list, her husband began to suspect the worst.

Role Play was released this past weekend, and while we don't know exactly how many people have watched it, it is currently ranked second behind Saltburn on Amazon's Top 10 Movies, according to FlixPatrol. It may not last on that list for long since the reviews have been less than favorable. Rotten Tomatoes has given it an 22% approval rating.

Obviously, Role Play isn't going to win any Academy Awards. Still, it is fun, and why not support a film that mentions Boise?

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