Sometimes, while looking at the Street View feature of Google Maps, you see some weird things. Often, it can be explained by a picture being stretched out or two pictures being joined together at an odd spot. But in this particular case, no strange picture editing technique could explain. This is something altogether different. Reddit and TikTok users have noticed and taken to their preferred platforms to call it "weird" and "bizarre."

It is something unlike anything you've ever seen before. You might even think the Google Maps cameras accidentally caught an alien lifeform running from a small-town Utah resident with a large gun.

Ten hours from Boise, Bluff Park in Bluff, Utah, is a quiet, scenic area. Still, this one photo has captured the attention of internet users all over the world. Most call it a "strange naked creature," and it has created speculation from the online community, where conspiracy theories run wild.

Google Maps
Google Maps

When you dig further into this strange sighting, you find that this isn't the first time a sighting in Bluff has led to controversy. In fact, it's normal. In 2008, a statue by a Bluff artist named Joe Pachak was moved because some found its portrayal of the human anatomy too accurate to greet visitors at Cedars State Park, just 30 minutes north of town.

Pachak's creation of twin bear effigies was lit for the winter solstice festivities in the area, showing you exactly how the community embraces this type of art. It only stands to reason that the "strange naked creature" is probably a sculpture put there to do exactly what it is doing. Causing discussion is what artists like Pachak live for. We don't know whose statue this is, but we wouldn't be surprised to learn that it was one of his works of art.

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