Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for some people, turkey just doesn’t “get the job done” on Thanksgiving. I used to wonder why we go with turkey on Thanksgiving and after minutes and minutes of research, I basically found no real concrete reason as to why turkey has to be the main course meal. Honestly, why couldn’t it be fried chicken? Sure, it’s not turkey but it’s close enough… right?

Many people have their ideas on what should be a “traditional Thanksgiving”, but make no mistake – Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday of all time. Yes, focusing a day on what you’re thankful for is amazing as it is, but throw in some of mom’s mashed potatoes? Some of that creamy, golden delight, that we call macaroni and freakin’ cheese? You literally have the greatest holiday of all time, no question, no debate. The reigning champ, baby.

The question I pose to you today is, what would be the best alternative to a turkey on Thanksgiving in Boise? Think about it – turkey is great but how often do we find ourselves restocking our plates with more sides than we do turkey? My thing is, if we’re going to indulge and take in all of the deliciousness we can handle on Thanksgiving, why not mix it up from time to time? No, I’m not proposing that we change Thanksgiving for everyone, you can celebrate how you wish. But for those who are tired of the turkey and gravy? Let’s dive into some of the best Boise-inspired alternatives to turkey on Thanksgiving.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions here!

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