It's summertime in the Treasure Valley and now more than ever, we're seeing people out and about bring active and taking advantage of this amazing weather. While one of the great selling points of living here in the Treasure Valley can often be 'getting all four seasons', it's arguably clear that summer is the fan favorite. Patios and rooftops open up, outdoor activities and options multiply, and concerts are going on at one of our many outdoor venues almost every single weekend!

With one of summer's biggest events, Boise Music Festival, now behind us. It's on to the 4th of July, during which, families will be traveling and celebrating with all sorts of things--including fireworks.

What's better than buying fireworks and angering your neighbors for days? How about joining a fun, local, and popular firework show while taking in some baseball!? Does it get any more American than that?

Our own Boise Hawks have announced that they will be playing games at home, here in Boise, on July 3rd, 4th, and 5th and all three games will have a post-game firework show!

Talk about a great way to get the family out of the house and celebrate the 4th--without the mess or the neighborhood noise.

Learn more about the Boise Hawks, find their schedule, and purchase tickets HERE.

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