This week is an extraordinary week that is uniquely Idaho. The annual Idaho Gives campaign runs from May1st-May4th. The event's organizers want to highlight Idaho's 501c3s that need financial help. It's easy to donate. Simply go to

The event has become so popular that folks and groups can win prizes; there's a leaderboard. We'll share the details with you in a minute if you're new to Idaho or new to Idaho Gives.

However, we would like to do our best to highlight Idaho's groups that make a difference. We invite you to join us every morning on the Kevin Miller Show from 6 am-10 am. We want to encourage all nonprofits and their supporters to call in and encourage folks to donate. 

It's easy to call in, all you have to do is dial 580-5436 anytime during Kevin Miller's four-hour show, and he'll put you on the air. This show is your time to describe your group and the difference you make in helping others. 

Kevin Miller will take your calls from Tuesday morning until Friday at 10 am. It takes all of us to make a difference, and these groups must have the opportunity to acquire additional funds, support, staff, and volunteers.

Idaho Gives website offers some tips on how your group can have a successful Idaho Gives campaign.

  • Matches - Last year, organizations with matches raised on average $14,000 more than those without.
    • Have a guaranteed major gift? Ask the donor if you can publish it as a match! Simply having that match counter on your profile entices potential donors.
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers - Last year, organizations with P2P fundraisers raised on average $5,500 more than those without.
    • Board members are a great source for peer-to-peer fundraising - especially if they're active on social media!
  • Collaboration - Organizations who come together for events are often more successful. Start an event in your area or join one that's already being planned.


Amazing Idaho Gives Charities No One Knows But Need Your Help

Sponsored by Idaho Central Credit Union, Idaho Gives is a proud initiative launched by the Idaho Nonprofit Center.

The 16 Idaho nonprofits below need your help. No matter the size, every donation is a force multiplier for good in communities across the Gem State.

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