It's safe to say that everyone likes music, right?

Ok other than the one person who just doesn't listen to music, we all have our favorites. And you're absolutely not going to believe what Idaho's most-listened to music genre is.

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If you were to venture a guess as to what Idaho's favorite music genre is, what would you say?

  • Country?
  • Classic rock?
  • Gospel?
  • Pop?

Those are all guesses you could venture, but you'd be wrong. Yes, all four of those guesses are not Idaho's favorite music genre. At least according to the good people at Strawpoll who've been looking further into this conundrum.

According to their research, Hip-Hop is the most-listened to type of music across the state of Idaho. Yes, you read that right. Hip-Hop is Idaho's favorite type of music to listen to.

What's even crazier are the genres that come after Hip-Hop, but before country:

  • #2 - Indie Rock
  • #3 - EDM

What do you think? Do you feel like there are more hip-hop fans than country fans in Idaho? Do you know literally anybody who listens to Indie Rock and admits it?

We're leaving here with more information, but also more questions, than when we entered.


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