Kevin Miller saluted the nation's leaders by hosting a special 'President's Day Show' complete with local influential news-makers.  In addition to a tribute to our president's, Kevin Miller reported on the impactful news that happened over the weekend.Kevin Miller begins the show by interview noted attorney, presidential historian, and former Idaho Lieutenant Governor David Leroy.  Mr. Leroy and Kevin Miller debated who was the greatest president in the history of the United States.  The debate, in the end, was between George Washington, the founder of our union, and Mr. Leroy's favorite Abraham Lincoln, the protector of our union.  Both Kevin Miller and David Leroy agreed that Lincoln was indeed the greatest.

Dave Petso, of Pesto Financial and host of Money Matters Saturdays on KIDO Talk Radio, joined Kevin Miller in the 7am hour. Mr. Petso and Kevin Miller went in-depth concerning the financial markets.  The national deficit and debt were discussed.  Dave Petso said that growth will solve our national money problems.

Kevin Miller and Dave Petso did discuss President Trump's declaration of a National Emergency.  The announcement followed the president signing the budget agreement that would avoid another government shutdown.

Tommy Ahlquist, emergency room doctor and business developer, joined Kevin Miller to review his latest building projects throughout the West.  They discussed the latest in the legislature, infrastructure challenges, and his podcasts.

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