While social media star and video prankster Logan Paul may have thrown YouTube a few curve balls these past few months, he's yet to strike out completely.

While speaking at the CodeMedia conference in Huntington Beach, California on Monday (February 12), YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki explained that the platform will not remove Paul until he violates their rules three times.

"We want to be consistent. When someone violates our policies three times, we terminate. We terminate accounts all the time," she told the crowd.

Paul, who initially came under fire in December 2017 for filming the dead body of a man who had seemingly committed suicide, is currently at two strikes, Wojcicki said.

"We can’t just be pulling people off of our platform," she added. "They need to violate [three times]."

YouTube recently suspended advertising from Paul's YouTube channel after he posted a video that showed him tasering rates.

On Friday, YouTube updated its violations policy to include a number of additional punitive actions the platform can take against creators who violate its terms, including removing a YouTuber from the preferred advertising program, removing ads off a creator's channel and not including a creator in its recommended videos.

Meanwhile, YouTube plans to increase the number of people who oversee content to more than 10,000 employees by 2019, in an effort to better monitor for videos that potentially violate its code.

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