Netflix has been around long enough that its generational users interface very differently; some solely focused on streaming, while others continue physical media, and others still swear by five-star ratings. Now, Netflix has decided to overhaul its ratings system significantly, even adding a compatibility option.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the existing five-star rating system will soon be replaced by a “thumbs up vs. thumbs down” rating, abandoning any association that comes with one or five-star ratings. The decision independently follows a recent controversy of Amy Schumer detractors arbitrarily voting down her Leather Special ratings, though as Netflix executive Tod Yellin told a company press briefing in California, the change has more specific intent:

The executive said Netflix tested the new system last year and found that users volunteered 200 percent more ratings when faced with a simple up or down choice than when having five options — so the system will result in more feedback from viewers.

Yellin also noted that the review system has been less important over the years as the company has found users will often rank respected documentaries with five stars and more frivolous titles with one star despite being far more likely to actually watch the latter.

That said, a new feature will help Netflix compensate for the new system’s lack in nuance, as a “percentage match score that’s based on compatibility” will help identify enjoyable titles based on individual viewers’ habits and patterns. For the record, Netflix is not starting a dating service.

The new system will take effect in April, so stay tuned in the meantime.

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