If you're from Nampa or live in Nampa, you know that there are some really cool and unique local experiences that are oftentimes overlooked. From some great local activities to an awesome breakfast diner that is LITERALLY on an airport runway, you can't go wrong in Nampa!

A recent news story reminded me of what once was, in Nampa--and I'm here to start the conversation: how do we get this breakfast spot back!?

A recent news article shared improvements going on over at Lactalis American Group, otherwise known as "the cheese factory".  In an effort to give back to their employees and ideally attract some new ones, Lactalis American Group opened up an employee facility worth 1 million dollars. The facility will be a place for employees to relax, take breaks--oh and have access to an exclusive cheese shop. That's what got me excited.

If you're a local--or if you have been in Nampa for a while, you will remember that once upon a time, the cheese factory actually had a full blown shop inside that ANYONE could go to. You could pick up all sorts of fresh cheese--I remember loving the FRESH cheese curds, more affectionately known as "squeaky cheese" as a kid.

Not only could you shop, but you could dine-in.

Eating breakfast at the cheese factory was the absolute best--I remember they had some of the very best pancakes EVER and you could grab a table upstairs while looking down out of these huge glass windows where workers would be making the cheese in real time. The whole thing was such an experience.

So--congrats to Lactalis for making the upgrades...but here's an idea: BRING BACK THE RESTAURANT!

Oh, and speaking of that amazing airport breakfast spot that I mentioned earlier--how about taking a closer look, below!

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