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Kids Fear Climate Change
Members of Congress and Democratic Presidential Candidates have stated publicly that the Earth only has eight years left before the alleged damage is irreversible.
Kevin Miller Show 9/17/19
Kevin Miller begins the program by covering a story out of Maryland involving a person who was attacked by someone with a frying pan.  Kevin Miller made the point that anything in our lives could be described as an 'assault weapons' and could be banned by the government...
Meridian Daycare Shut Down
The Healthy Beginnings Childcare in Meridian was closed after multiple investigations showed the daycare didn't maintain proper childcare facility standards.
Kevin Miller 9-16-19
Kevin Miller begins the program by going over the breaking news of the massive strike by General Motors workers.  Kevin Miller looks at the future of organized labor and whether or not striking is a good move for the workers.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners looking at how cars wil…

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