You don't need to know about video games to recognize the name "Minecraft". The iconic video game that has been around for years allows players to create different kinds of "blocks" in a three-dimensional world. The entire purpose of the game is to build, explore, and survive--it's like living in a whole new world, virtually!

All sorts of creative minds from children to full grown adults partake in Minecraft and honestly, some of the skills and creativity that comes from the "game" is admirable.

Most recently, a Minecraft user recreated downtown Boise and the resemblance is uncanny! Here are some of the iconic downtown Boise structures you might expect to see as the project continues 

Boise's Most Iconic Buildings

When it comes to downtown Boise, only a few buildings can really be chalked up as "Iconic" and here are just a few examples of those! Which did we miss?

Alright, we all love us some downtown Boise...let's take a loot at the progress of this Reddit users project on downtown Boise, below: 



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