Mike Simpson

Kevin Miller Wednesday Preview
We'll have a live report from KERN Reporter/Anchor Dana Haynes with the latest on the Coeur d'Alene shooting of a police officer.  We look at how we can protect our police officers and whether there is a national war on cops.
Senator Mike Crapo checks in from DC with the latest on jobs…
Inside Idaho's Congressional Offices
Last week we were in Washington DC visiting our congressional delegation.  DC is such a different world from Idaho, I wondered how our folks kept their Gem State Perspective?  We had a chance to photograph their offices while conducting several interviews...
Cage Fight Simpson Or Labrador?
Last week Congressman Raul Labrador took a few verbal jabs at Congressman Mike Simpson on the radio.  Unfortunately this is nothing new for most of us in Idaho.  Woudn't it be entertaining if they would settle their differences in the Octagon...
Kevin Miller Wednesday Morning
Kevin Miller interviews Simon Owen of Fox News Radio.  Simon takes a look at the missing airliner and what authorities are doing to find it.  Kevin gives away a pair of tickets to the George Noory event.
Kevin Miller looks at possible oil drilling in Canyon County...
Kevin Miller Tuesday Morning
Kevin Miller speaks with Congressman Mike Simpson in studio about the debt, jobs, the economy, and the latest from Washington DC.
Kevin Miller is joined by Eagle Attorney Chris Troupis who is running for Idaho Attorney General.  T...