Every four years in Idaho and across the country, it happens the primary season for Idaho politicians. Our roads are littered with signs while the airwaves are blanketed with campaign commercials. Every part of the state featured a series of debates featuring candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, and other offices just four years ago. However, there will be very few debates for the big state offices this year. The governor, the lieutenant governor, and the 2nd Congressional District will not have any discussions.

Governor Little Says No!

Governor Little's campaign has declined to participate in any public debates during the campaign season. The campaign arrogantly stated that the governor's record speaks for itself. The Little folks feel very confident about their chances in May. We've heard from four sources about a recent poll with Little at 50, McGeachin at 40, and then the rest of the field. Polling in Idaho has always been historically sketchy at best.

It's disappointing that the state will not have a chance to see the real interaction between the candidates.  However some people agree with the governor's decision not to engage his political opponents.


Representative Giddings Says No!

The lieutenant governor's race is between two Republican representatives from very different parts of the Republican Party. Scott Bedke is the establishment's choice to reclaim Idaho's second most powerful elected office. Priscilla Giddings is a fighter pilot, a mother, a wife, and most importantly, a warrior. Her decision not to participate in the televised debates echoes her 'do it her way campaign.' Giddings has raised as much money as Bedke. She most likely saw no benefit in participating in the debates since most of her coverage has been negative.  




Congressman Mike Simpson Says No!

Simpson vs. Smith part two was billed as this was the time that a legitimate Conservative candidate could take down Simpson. As of right now, it appears that Simpson will win easily. The two met eight years ago, with Simpson pulling out all the stops against Smith with a barrage of negative ads that fueled the congressman's campaign to victory.    



The Idaho Media is Mad

The Idaho media has taken to Twitter to air their grievances concerning the lack of red meat debates.  





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