It doesn't take much for the internet to fire up about something in Boise--but it seems like traffic is a real sore spot for residents. Whether it is speeding, brake checking, or not using the turn signal (what are those things, anyway?)--Boise has traffic complaints!

There are a lot of annoying things about roads in the Treasure Valley--like these intersections! 

The Top 12 Most Frustrating Intersections in the Treasure Valley

If we were to compare ourselves to other major cities in the Pacific Northwest, Boise would look silly complaining about these sorts of things slowing down our commute by minutes. But, we're not Seattle. We're not Portland. These intersections are annoying and everyone knows it!

But how often do you HATE taking a LEFT TURN onto a road? 

The good folks over at Barstool Broncos pointed out a nightmare of a left turn and now, it has us thinking...

  Of course, the internet chimed in quickly but it seems like there might be something frustrating about Broadway...     



Why do you know the liquor store turnout so well?

Yeah, I think you're onto something here.. 


Please don't get us started on ANYTHING related to Chinden...can we talk about that speed limit? 

We've never heard of Dundee but we'll take your word for it. 


It's safe to say that after thinking about all of the annoying left turns in Boise--we really do prefer a simple "right on red" turn when it comes to driving around town.


Which left turns do you think are the absolute worst in the Treasure Valley? 

These 17 Roads & Intersections are Known Speed Treasure Valley Speed Traps

Driving in the Treasure Valley, no matter how "bad" traffic has gotten over the last several years, really isn't too much of a challenge. Getting from Point A to Point B in our area isn't nearly as difficult as it is in larger or comparable sized cities yet, there's always someone in a hurry. What happens when one is in a hurry? Road Rage? Distracted Driving? Speeding?
Here are the most significant speed traps across the Treasure Valley that you need to be aware of.

These 13 Treasure Valley Roads Need a Speed Change

Spend any time driving around the Treasure Valley and odds are you will spot a little bit of road rage. While it's nothing wildly aggressive most times, it seems that with the growth of our city has come a lot of conflicting opinions on HOW to drive on our streets. Roads that were never meant to handle the volume of traffic that they now do have different speed limits-- some that are a little fast, some that are a little slow. We took to our means, Facebook, to ask YOU where the worst roads are at and which speed limits need adjusted. Here is what we found.

Boise High Speed Chase Caught on Camera

On Sunday, April 10th, a high speed chase took place in the streets of Boise. The pursuit by Boise Police eventually ended near Bishop Kelly High School where more drama played out. Fantastic footage was captured by Vin Crosby, a well-known Boise meteorologist who said that during the chase, the suspect came within just feet of hitting him.

Check out the play-by-play and the action-packed video, below!

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