The world of Akira is expanding, with director Katuhiro Otomo revealing plans to direct an new anime series.

Otomo, who will also write for the series, revealed the news during the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Bandai Namco’s Sunrise will produce the series. However, few other details were offered up.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Otomo had plenty of intel to offer up, also announcing that he will direct Orbital Era, which is his third anime feature. Otomo will write and direct the film, which is set “in the near future on a space colony that is under construction.” The film is "an action-adventure story of some boys in this peculiar environment and society who keep living their lives while they're being tossed about by fate."

Meanwhile, a 4K remastering of the original 1988 Akira film will be released in Japan in April 2020. And finally, a live action remake of Akira directed by Taika Waititi is expected to arrive in theaters in May 2021.

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