Idaho is one of those states that love beer. Whether craft beer or buying a six-pack before the big game, beer is popular in the Gem State. What would tailgating be without your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage? However, a recent comment by a prominent member of the Biden Administration thinks that a limit on beer consumption in America is a good thing.

It all began in Canada, where their government announced they would want their citizens to limit their consumption to two drinks a week. The Canada proclamation has influenced the Biden Administration's thoughts on how much Idahoans should be allowed to drink.

The New York Post reported how a limit on your beers began. President Biden’s alcohol czar, Dr. George Koob, told the Daily Mail that the USDA could revise its alcohol recommendations to match Canada’s guidelines. Dr. Koop went on to say that there is no good health reason to consume alcohol. Who is Dr. Koop? He's the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Dr. Koop's statements have caused the White House to defend his statements and ask is the president on board with the doctor's thoughts? Remember Joe Biden is the president that has forced Americans to buy electric vehicles.


We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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