There's a local social media storm brewing. A Facebook post claims that Boise's beloved DK Donuts will be closing soon. Social media can be a source for good and miscommunication. We stopped by the DK's on Monday morning to verify the story. 

The staff was shocked that the message about their possible move had already been posted on Facebook. We showed the staff our phone and asked for their reaction. 

Could you imagine how you would feel if you started your Monday morning at work having to answer questions about whether or not you'd have a job? Could the place you've worked at for over twenty years be closing? 


The staff told us that they hope that DK will stay in their beloved State Street location. The store received a ton of local attention when now-former Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari stopped by to sample the donuts during the NCAA Men's Baseball Tournament in Boise. 

Coach Calipari praised DK's food to KTVB. "Now, I'm not a donut eater. I go to a coffee shop, but I looked at these donuts and I saw the cooker in the back and I said, 'they're making these right on site' and I just came in and said, 'come on, what do you have here,'" said Calipari.

The future of DK Donuts will be decided as the owner continues to negotiate with the landlord. The staff told us they remain hopeful, and the lease is still good for several months of the year. 


The staff said they love working at DK's, and many have been there since the donut shop opened in 2004. We wish them luck and will update you on this story as it develops.

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