We don't have to tell you just how eerie things were during the "shutdown" in downtown Boise and beyond--just two years ago. The type of closure and caution that struck the globe over COVID-19 was simply unheard of in modern history and we've all lived through something that will be studied in history books for years to come.

On the final Saturday of Spring Break in 2020, Chip Schultz of Boise, Idaho took his camera out to the streets of downtown Boise where--not a soul was to be found.  On the exact same Saturday, just two years later--Chip did the same thing. This time, hundred were flooding the streets of downtown Boise.

We've come a long way. Thank you to Chip for allowing us to share his photos which offer a real eerie look back and invokes some deep reflection.

Eerie Photos Compare Downtown Boise 2-years After Pandemic

Our friend Chip Schultz just two years ago ventured out to a shut-down, downtown Boise where he was able to capture photos of silent streets and store fronts. The pandemic shut it all down and frankly it has felt like a lot longer than two years. On nearly 2-years to the day, Chip returned to the streets of downtown Boise with his camera--this time, he wasn't the only person on the streets. As nightlife and business has returned to downtown Boise, it is absolutely insane to see the exact same angles and lenses, two years later.

Interested in seeing the original look at Chips photos from two years ago? You can see those photos, BELOW: 

20 chilling photos of the empty streets in downtown boise during the 2020 Pandemic

This is what Downtown Boise looked like during the first month of the pandemic back in 2019. A friend of mine took these photos with his son as the streets were empty and locked down to Idaho. This is a dark and quiet time that we'll never forget.

A lot has changed since then-- and now, here are some new businesses that have been born since the pandemic's shut down: 

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