Christopher Nolan returns, Dark Knight style.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Nolan has a mystery project in the works.

Warner Bros. announced Friday that Nolan's next film will open in IMAX on July 17, 2020. No other details were released, but it is described as being an event film.

An event film? Well, yeah. They all are from him.

Three of Nolan’s last four films — DunkirkThe Dark Knight Rises, and Inception — were released in July. (Interstellar was the one exception; that came out in November.) Currently Nolan’s competition that day would be the Bob’s Burgers movie, a new SpongeBob movie, and an untitled “event film” from Universal. At least according to The Numbers, that’s also two weeks after Minions 2, and one week after Indiana Jones 5. (Uh, yeah, okay. We’ll see about that one.) One week later, we’re supposed to get Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise and possibly a Green Lantern Corps movie. (Again, we’ll see.) Either way, there’s definitely going to be some big-name movies that month, in addition to whatever secret Nolan is getting ready to reveal.

So mark your calendars for July 17, 2020. Something big is coming from Christopher Nolan.

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