Today will be the last day we watch one of the indescribable legends of Idaho Television.  Dee Sarton is retiring after forty years of being our companion through the good times and the bad.  Thank You Dee!Like so many, we've all watched Dee over the years.  Forty years is a long time at one place.  Forty years ago, there was no internet, satellite tv, cell phones, and if you were lucky, you had three or four channels to watch on television.

In a world of endless promises, Dee's consistent commitment to the Treasure Valley were on display nightly.  However, we'll never truly know the impact of her work behind the scenes.  Whether it was hosting the Treasure Valley God and Country Festival for so many year, or highlighting the plight of children available for adoption, Dee Sarton made a difference.  She made us all think about doing the right thing.  (Easier said than done, today or forty years ago.)

It's been well documentation that big markets and networks approached Dee about moving up the ranks.  She said no thanks, choosing to build an unmatched legacy in Idaho.  While others profess their love of our area right before they leave, Dee stayed here, building a family, nurturing the next generations of Idaho Broadcasters, and helping nonprofits get their much needed messages on the air.

So thank you Dee for your selfless service to our area.  Enjoy your new found freedom with your family.


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