If you park in downtown Boise, odds are good you have parked in Capitol City Development Corporation garage.  Now, they say they are likely going to be raising prices.

The company does say they will get public input before implement any changes, but their proposal is that hourly rates would increase from $2.50 to $3.00, but still offering the first hour free.  Though it might seem like rates have gone up recently, this would actually be the first hourly rate increase since 2008.

Monthly rates would also jump at the busiest garages downtown from $135 to $175 per month.  Those are the Eastman and Capitol Terrace garages.

It would be a smaller jump on monthly rates at the other four garages in the CCDC porfolio (City Centre, Boulevard, Grove Street, and Myrtle Street) moving from $120 to $140 per month.

The motivation for the rate increases is demand, especially at lunch time CCDC says.

If you want to weigh in, the public hearing on the increases will be at 12:00pm on November 13th at the CCDC offices downtown.

Rate increases would take effect in February.


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