There's an old saying that living in Idaho resembles how living in America used to be. Freedom and Family values, along with firearms, are values that every Idahoan cherishes.

Idaho is also known for being a law and order state where if you do the crime, you'll do the time. The Gem State continues to attract Americans from all over the country who long to live in a state where life is good, and people love America. 

Idaho's population has proliferated due to several outside factors. Along with growth, there are challenges that we all have to face, like congested roads, overcrowded schools, and a lack of affordable homes. 

Cities and towns have seen their populations grow with every subdivision added rapidly. Idaho towns like Star and Middletown seek to bring in attractions like stores, bars, and restaurants that will keep their clients from having to travel to another Idaho town or city to go out to eat or shop for groceries and other items. 

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Middletown, Idaho, is a dry town, meaning you can buy liquor at the store but not a place to eat. Middleton Mayor Steve Rule told us this morning that for big chain and not-so-big chain restaurants, bars, and sports bars to move to Middleton, voters must vote to allow liquor by the drink. 

A social media group was formed to get the issue on the ballot, and the voters will now decide if they can take a drink. If approved, look for several companies to move into this growing Idaho city.

From the Facebook Group 'Middleton Liquor By The Drink:

"Well the time to announce is finally upon us… With amazing support from the citizens of Middleton and the local business community we have done it! We are on the ballot for the November General Election. The first step is complete, now we need your continued support to get out to the polls and vote yes! THANK YOU" 

You can read the state law concerning Liquor By The Drink Here.

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