The mayor of Boise is not in Idaho. She is not visiting her favorite, President Joe Biden. Mayor McLean is attending a United Conference in Dubai called COP28. The Wall Street Journal reported that the conference is another global initiative to cut greenhouse gases. 

As reported here, there is a significant worldwide movement to reduce meat consumption in Idaho, America, and worldwide. If you think this movement is ridiculous, consider how absurd we thought the government mandating electric vehicles was a few years ago.

German Dairy Farmers Struggle With Falling Milk Prices
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California has begun to overregulate family farmers to drive them out of business. Farmers already face the challenge of making enough money to support their families. The Golden State's insane energy policies have influenced other states, including the city of Boise. After California Governor Gavin Newsom proclaimed his carbon-neutral goals, the city of Boise announced similar goals.

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The UN's Conference wants to cut meat consumption by 40%, citing the amount of methane produced by cows. 

Idaho's economy is agriculture, dairy, and beef. Idaho is a state that has more cows than people, according to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.  

'Idaho ranks 13th in the U.S. for cattle and calves inventory, with more than 2.1 million animals raised by 7,500 beef cattle operations. Most operations are family-owned.'

If California and the United Nations successfully banned or reduced meat consumption, Idaho's economy would be devastated. As mayor of Idaho's largest city, one would hope that Mayor McLean would defend Idaho's Beef Industry.

Her appearance begs the question, why is the Boise mayor in Dubai and not Idaho? She tells Boise State Public Radio that the liberal Bloomberg Foundation has sponsored her travel along with the public works director.

We urge the Boise mayor to resist the temptation to drink the climate change Kool-Aid in Dubai. Mayor McLean needs to defend Idaho's Beef Industry and our freedom to eat meat.

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