Boise Mayor Lauren McLean met with a few Boise media outlets today to explain her decision to relieve former Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee of his duties. We had called on the mayor to appear in an open forum, allowing every media outlet to ask questions. The selected few media elites will be the only ones allowed access to the mayor.

The mayor confirmed what had already been published by KTVB that numerous complaints were being filed against Mr. Lee. The most alarming issue of the reign of Chief Lee is what was documented in the story from KTVB.

How was the mayor unaware that her hire from Portland was causing massive disruption in one of the state's most recognized law enforcement organizations? An odd portion of her interview with the Idaho Statesman is her comments concerning the number of complaints concerning her chief. 

"What we were finding was, it was just like venue shopping," McLean said. "Complaints filed here, complaints filed here, complaints filed here, complaints filed here — and no other employee at the city of Boise gets to do that."

Is the mayor complaining that the police officers have special privileges over other city employees? Wouldn't the most prudent action by the mayor when seeing the volume of complaints against Mr. Lee be to investigate him? As opposed to the statement about the numerous departments that had an issue with his lack of leadership? 

We didn't see any acknowledgment of her poor judgment in selecting Mr. Lee for the job. The mayor is responsible for the public to own up to her mistakes. If she fails to hold herself accountable, who will? 

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