The topic of a recent Boise City Council meeting could've been titled, 'How to put lipstick on a pig.' Big-moneyed east coast lawyer Michael Bromwich didn't have the courtesy to show up to justify his now over $600,000 report investigating the Boise Police Department. Before we get to his account, the mayor's 'police investigation' is so bad the liberal Idaho Statesman is criticizing her legal boondoggle.

What did the city of Boise get for the money spent investigating the police department? Did the incomplete report produce a return on the $600,000 investment?

KIVI TV reports the following takeaways from Bromwich's video presentation. 

  1. Prioritize minority recruitment. As Boise changes, so too should its law enforcement.
  2. Despite hiring challenges, do not lower standards for recruits.
  3. Ensure more rigorous recruit training.
  4. Ensure that bodycam footage includes sound.

The city paid that much money for four apparent points that a student from Boise State could've produced for free. Mayor Lauren McLean must be called out for this massive waste of taxpayer money. The investigation of a former police officer has decimated morale within the Boise Police Department.


The attorney who continues to charge the city lectured the city that the department must learn from outsiders to do better. I doubt anyone within the liberal city council asked him how long he stayed in Boise while he was running up his billable hours.

Youtube / KTVB
Youtube / KTVB

Is there a problem within the Boise Police Department? The answer is yes, and it's the mayor of Boise who hired an incompetent chief, assumed the worse of Boise's finest, faces several lawsuits, and now finds most voters wanting a change.

November in Boise cannot come fast enough for those that love Boise and law enforcement.

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