The regular college football season is over, and we all know what that means. Successful teams will keep their coaches, and other groups are looking for the next big coaching hire. Nebraska and Wisconsin have already made their hires that the new coaches will bring their teams back to contention for a national title.

Boise State's most famous, Chris Petersen, has been enjoying his new career as a studio analyst for Fox Sports during their halftime shows. Coach Pete who never seemed overly excited to talk to the media, has shown incredible growth in this new television role. He should replace the grumpy Urban Myer on Fox's Big Noon Kickoff. Coach Pete seems to be enjoying his life. However, he is the number one target for a significant college football opening. 

Stanford's David Shaw announced that he was leaving his job after a disappointing 3-9 season. Stanford is not a coaching job but a lifestyle. Like Notre Dame, Duke, and Northwestern, Stanford students are held to the highest academic standards. Coach Shaw, a gifted coach, struggled with the new complications of name, image, likeness, and the transfer portal. 

Every sports media publication has named Coach Petersen as the leading candidate for the job. The Stanford job appeals to someone like Chris Petersen, who values personal development over the greed of college sports. Coach Petersen and his staff have a reputation for developing athletes over the years, not bringing kids in for a year or two. 

CBS's Dennis Dodd, the dean of college football, breaks down the appeal of the Cardinal for Chris Petersen. 

"All indications are that Coach Pete is happy behind the analyst's desk. But if there was a West Coast job made for him, this is it. He could reimagine his OKG philosophy (Our Kind of Guys) at a place that values the collegiate model. He's already seen major success at two stops, making Boise State a national name before leading the Huskies. Petersen is the No. 1 candidate until he says he's not interested. He is a program builder who might not chafe under the restrictions at Stanford."

As Mr. Dodd has pointed out, Coach Petersen is in an enviable position. However, a job like Stanford doesn't open up often, and it will take a special coach to lead the Cardinal. If Chris Petersen returns to coaching, it will be with the agreement that his program isn't second-guessed or micromanaged. He's the only coach getting a Pac-12 team to the college football playoffs. His success at Boise State is unparalleled in the history of college football. 

Stanford is the one job that could get Chris Petersen back to coaching. He wouldn't be doing it for fame or money. He would be doing it to make a positive difference in the lives of young athletes. Stay tuned to see what happens next, true believer. 

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