Let's de-clutter and organize our lives in 2016. Even better, let's make some some money at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale!

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is on Saturday, May 14th 2016 at Expo Idaho in Garden City from 7am - 6pm!



This bazaar event is the perfect kick-off to the yard sale season by giving you a chance to gather all the stuff that's cluttering up your homes and businesses and put it out for sale to over 10,000 people!

Search your homes, attic to basement, cupboard to closet and storeroom to garage. Bring it all out and make some money selling it to folks in our community who can use it. Plus, Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is a great shopping opportunity to find that rare treasure you can't live without! Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure, so share the wealth this year at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale.



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