Governor Brad Little announced today that the state will continue in Stage 4.  He said that the Gem State will remain in Stage 4 for the next two week.  He again, asked the public to wear the mask.  He referenced President Trump's recent endorsement of mask wearing as another reason to wear the mask.  When pressed by the Idaho Press Corps, Governor Little continued to state that he, unlike other governors, will not issue a mask mandate.   The governor shared the stage with state health officials and the folks from Central District Health.

Central District is in Stage 4 and has a mandatory mask mandate.   The governor in his public comments and later in a press release explained the difference between a statewide order and letting the local health districts decide the stages of the rebound.

In March and April, the statewide approach was appropriate because there was not enough personal protective equipment for businesses and healthcare workers, testing and contract tracing were limited, and some parts of Idaho faced alarming healthcare capacity constraints. Although increased COVID-19 spread is occurring in Ada, Canyon, Twin Falls, Bonneville, and Kootenai counties, some parts of Idaho still have no confirmed cases and no community spread of the disease, making the local approach to decision making appropriate at this time.

The governor continues to ask Idahoans to take the ONE Idaho pledge, which means wearing the mask.   Here's a link to it here.


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