The debate season is something every journalist, political junkie, and politician looks forward to watching and participating in. Who doesn't remember famous debate moments from Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Barrack Obama, and Donald Trump? We will not have an entire debate season that Idahoans deserve in Idaho. Here's a look at why some races of the races for office in Idaho will not have a debate between the top candidates.

The governor and the two congressional candidates will not participate in the upcoming debate schedule preceding the November general election. Governor Little did not debate his Republican challengers during the primary. Congressmen Fulcher and Simpson will not debate their opponents along with the governor.

Why There Will Be No Debates

As we reported earlier, the governor is continuing the precedent he set during the primary. Unlike the previous governor, he will not participate in the debate process. The Idaho press is disappointed that they will not get a chance to cross-examine the folks running for office.

There are view reasons why politicians choose not to engage in debates. One of them is that their opponent has not mustered a serious campaign to threaten reelection. Political advisors will tell you that you never give an opponent an opportunity to make their candidate look bad.

The other reason for not debating is that a politician or politicians do not trust the debate moderators. We saw this situation play out when Pricilla Giddings declined to debate Scot Bedke. The Idaho media has always had a leftist tilt, but now it has drifted farther to the left. The once influential media outlets do not have the credibility with the candidates that a debate will be fair and balanced.

We cannot make politicians participate in a debate if they're unwilling. All we can do is appreciate the few debates that will be shown this fall.

Check out Idaho's most famous debate below.

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