For years, conservative and liberty-minded republicans questioned the conservative credentials of Idaho Governor Brad Little. The governor signed three bills last night that will end any speculation on his philosophy.
Governor Little signed two bills dealing with the ever-controversial topic of transgender issues. The first bill will prohibit boys who are transitioning into girls competing at the high school and college level. Despite the opposition from local, state, and national transgender activists, the bill passed through the Idaho House and Senate.

Transgender groups have vowed to sue the state of Idaho to overturn the new law. The ACLU tells the National Review they will sue the state to allow male athletes to compete against female athletes.
The second bill signed by the governor prevents transgender people from changing their gender on their birth certificates. Forbes Magazine calls the signings the country's most anti-transgender legislation. The state will expect lawsuits on both fronts. A federal court ruled that states must not prohibit folks from changing their genders on their birth certificates.

The third bill was one championed by Conservative Firebrand Heather Scott. The law prohibits preferences in hiring women and minorities. The exception is if that practice would cost federal or state funding.

The governor did veto a bill that sought to compensate those wrongly convicted of a crime, reports KMVT. The governor will join Kevin Miller on KIDO Talk Radio Thursday morning at 810am to discuss the state's efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

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