Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little will host a press conference Monday at 3 p.m. MT to make an important announcement about COVID-19 in Idaho.  KIDO Talk Radio will carry the press conference live and then Kevin Miller will take your calls following the governor's announcement this afternoon.

The state's Covid cases continue to rise, some say to alarming and critical rates.  Northern Idaho has seen such a spike in Covid cases that patients have been sent to hospitals in Seattle and Portland.  St. Lukes in Twin Falls has reported that they've reached capacity, reports the Twin Falls Times.

The paper reports that children needing care are now being sent to Boise for treatment.  You can see the amount of COVID cases in the state by clicking the link here.

The state reported 650 new cases last night bringing the total cases in the Gem State to almost 60,000.  Thankfully, only less than 600 people have died in the state from COVID.  Critics will say that the numbers are inflated to benefit medical funding.

Hospitals in North Idaho have also reached a critical stage reports KTVB.  The governor has always maintained that hospital capacity would be a determining factor in how the state reacts to COVID.  Currently, local health districts are in charge of determining what restrictions their districts are in.

Certainly the entire state and country will be tuned in to what the governor will be saying today at 3pm MT.  Join Kevin Miller who will anchor our coverage on KIDO Talk Radio.  Kevin Miller will take your calls following the governor's announcement and then we'll hear from Sean Hannity.


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