Who doesn't like ducks? Who doesn't marvel at how they quack and fly about our indescribable state of Idaho? We understand that some folks like to shoot ducks, but it is America, and everyone has their own version of freedom. Ducks are an excellent addition to our quality of life in Idaho.

However, a duck killer or killers is on the loose, and Idaho Fish and Game needs your help apprehending them. A large number, almost fifty ducks, were found shot in Canyon County. The ducks were found near Lake Lowell and were all mallards.

A few more Ducks on the property.
Photos Courtesy of HallHall Real Estate

Idaho Fish and Game found the bodies on February 1st. The authorities believe the bodies had been there for a few days prior to their discovery. There appears to be no effort to use the ducks for food. No motive for their deaths has been determined at this time. However, Idaho Fish and Game explained in a press release what happened and how you can help.

"It's apparent that whoever shot these birds made no effort to harvest the edible portion of meat as required by law," said Conservation Officer Craig Mickelson. "Seeing this number of ducks go to waste is a travesty. It amounts to seven legal limits of ducks that countless waterfowl hunters would have been thrilled to harvest and to eat."

Idaho Fish and Game
Idaho Fish and Game

You can help the authorities apprehend whoever was responsible for this action in two ways. If anyone has information about these ducks that were left to waste, please call the Nampa Regional Office at 208-465-8465 or the Citizen's Against Poaching Hotline at 1-800-632-5999.

You will remain anonymous and could be eligible to receive a cash award.

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