It's hard to believe that Idaho was at one time America's best-kept secret. However, before Bruce Willis 'discovered' our state, Idaho was known for great camping, cheap living, Sun Valley, the final home of Ernest Hemingway, and world-class skiing at affordable prices.

Idaho and Bruce Willis have a long and treasured history. The Hollywood actor was the first to discover our great state. His movies have reportedly grossed over 5 billion dollars; however, the actor is not in good health, according to multiple reports.

The world continues to react to the shocking announcement. The Willis family should be given much credit for publicizing his condition. They hope to raise attention that will one day lead to a cure for Dementia and Alzheimer's. Millions of Americans and people worldwide suffer from those conditions that rob patients of their memories and life experiences. The strain on families is unimaginable as they watch their loved ones slowly forget who they are and their loved ones.

This report comes after a report that Willis was retiring due to an undisclosed, at the time, medical condition.

He has a brain disorder that makes it impossible to remember his lines.  People Magazine recently did a cover story on Willis, including family photos from his time in Idaho.  It was announced recently that he has retired from acting.  The 67-year-old action film star has come a long way from his days with Cybill Shepherd on the ABC comedy Moonlighting.  Willis has been acting for years and showed no signs of slowing down until his health concerns became known to the public.  

From Yahoo Entertainment: "Challenges with communication" are one of the symptoms Willis faces with FTD, which is the most common form of dementia in people under 60 — with most FTD cases occurring between the ages of 45 and 64, according to the AFTD. The disease is likely more common than statistics suggest, as it is lesser known and can take years to receive a formal diagnosis."

Even though Willis sold his Idaho home for a loss several years ago, his name is still synonymous with Idaho. Willis made our state cool for celebrities to build homes away from the paparazzi.
We will continue to update you on his condition as it develops. Please keep him and all those who are suffering with this disease in your prayers.

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