I love to see Idaho's influence in pop culture. It's one thing to see our state being made fun of on late night talk shows (it's hardly ever amusing or funny). But when Idaho pops up in a sitcom or movie in a fun way, I feel very Leo DiCaprio meme where he's pointing at the TV.

iCarly used Idaho as a component in the plot driving a season 2 episode of the Nickelodeon show. It's been mentioned in the critically acclaimed sitcom, Frasier a few times. Disney also took a crack at incorporating Idaho to create family fun entertainment.

A Mickey Mouse short boasting over 12 million views on YouTube sees Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, And Goofy on a road trip to visit Potato Land. As a kid, Goofy used to drive with his family past the "Big Potato Land sign...14 and a half times!" Poor thing assumed the sign was for a potato themed amusement park, when in reality it was a sign nicknaming Idaho as Potato Land. But it had always been his dream to visit this amusement park. Mickey and a reluctant Donald didn't want his dreams crushed, so they set out to make the potato theme park experience for him.

The ideas they had for this amusement park aren't half bad. Should we consider this? I know it's soooo cliche' and we're more than potatoes. Buuuuut, if it could be a Disney collaboration, that might be the game changer. Spinning it as Goofy's favorite place on earth. Who do I pitch this to?

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