Is there a more iconic food duo than steak and potatoes? Over the years, We've all heard that Americans, especially Idahoans, are fueled by steak and potatoes. Idaho is known to be the potato capital of the world, and our beef industry is second to none. We're blessed with several outstanding steak restaurants in the Treasure Valley and the entire state.

However, when one thinks of a great cheesesteak, there is only one city, Philadelphia, and it's not Idaho that is the cheesesteak capital of the world. Thanks to the work of hospitality workers, volunteers, and many cooks, this Idaho city is now home to the world's most giant cheesesteak.

Is there such a world record for the world's largest cheesesteak? Is there a cheesesteak federation? Is the Idaho city located in the Treasure Valley? Well, we are still determining if there is a federation for cheesesteaks. Still, an organization called the Guinness Book of World Records ruled that this Idaho city now holds the title of home to the world's most giant cheesesteak (I'm getting hungry just writing this story.)

The city that is now home to the world's largest cheesesteak is Lewiston. The Main Street Grill held a rally and a fundraiser that produced a ten thousand dollar gift to the local boys and girls club.


How big is the world's biggest cheesesteak? The Lewiston Tribune reports the size as 722.8 feet. The publication details what supplies were used to create the world record holder. 

"Forty cases of bread, more than 300 pounds of vegetables, almost 70 pounds of cheese sauce and more than 360 pounds of meat went into the monstrosity."

Frank Webster, executive chef who came up with the idea, told the Lewiston Tribune how excited everyone was to make a difference. 

“Everything we wanted to do we were able to achieve today,” Webster said. “We won the highlight with the No. 1 sandwich we do at Main Street Grill, which is the Philly, and (to) be able to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club and bring down something to the Hot August Nights. It’s a win-win.”

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