Does anyone know how many weeks the hard-charging Idaho Legislature has been in session? I'm wondering who's footing the bill for the day after day of deliberations? Oh, that would be us, the taxpayer. At least when the meter is running in the cab, you get to your destination. However, I am beginning to question what the direction of the current legislative session is?
The current session was supposed to be the one where the lawmakers make good on their multiple promises to repeal the grocery tax. Has that happened yet? Nope, instead, Idahoans will get a credit that is insufficient in providing relief to families and individuals. It would be more authentic if our lawmakers would say, "sorry, we lied, no grocery tax for you."
Medicaid expansion funding? Have we figured out how we are going to fund this massive drain on the state's finances? That would be another nope. You'd think to find the money for this measure would've been handled in the first week of the session. Not a chance. If we're following the same pattern as previous years, we'll get a last-minute agreement that will stick it to the taxpayers—Google Idaho gas tax for more information on how the game has been played.
Finally, the one issue that unites all political parties. A property tax freeze that would help folks not lose their homes to the continued escalating property taxes in the Gem State. The motion passed the House this week but faces an unknown future in the state senate. Governor Little has said he doesn't expect the bill to make it to his desk?

Was that a signal that he will not support the bill? Regardless, the property tax freeze should be longer than a year and already approved by the governor. Will that happen? Stay tuned.  Let's hope the legislature will take a break from the continued debate over transgender this and that, and get back to the business of the people.


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