The fallout continues over the decision by Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador to dismiss the trespassing charges against Sarah Brady. Mrs. Brady is the Meridian Mom who gained international attention for being arrested at Kleiner Park during the pandemic.

You can read about the complete history of the case here. The attorney general's decision has caused a rift between grassroots Conservatives and the law enforcement community. Here's a look the attention the case received from Inside Edition to Saturday Night Live.

An Inside Look At The Meridian Mom's Arrest

What you won't see anywhere else.

Two Perspectives

Folks that support Mrs. Brady say that she is a freedom fighter who took on the government. They believe that she never should've been arrested or prosecuted. Her misdemeanor case was a talking point during the past election cycle. The governor along with the candidates for attorney general were asked if they would throw dismiss the case.

The second point of view comes from those who support law enforcement and believe that Mrs. Brady chose to be arrested. They cite the video of her arrest where she can be heard 'arrest me.' The other point of contention is they believe she used the event to gain attention for herself along with others such as the protesters who showed up that evening in Meridian. The arresting officer's house was surrounded by protesters in support of Mrs. Brady.

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